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Our Services

The services provided by the Athlone (Midland) Rape Crisis Centre are facilitated by professionally qualified accredited psychotherapists who have undertaken additional training in order to specialise in the dynamics of sexual violence and abuse.

Our service is confidential and free of charge and available to anyone who has suffered from sexual abuse or violence. We provide a safe, therapeutic space for our clients.  The Centre facilitates people on a first-come-first-serve basis – unless it is a crisis situation, which we will work to facilitate immediately. 

We offer confidential telephone counselling. This is often the first time a person has had the opportunity to talk about the abuse. It is confidential and safe to talk and they will be listened to and believed. We will offer support and information, and the client may remain anonymous if they wish

Only you can decide if the time is right for you to talk to somebody.

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We offer face-to-face counselling - this can be crisis counselling, short term counselling (six sessions) and long-term psychotherapy. Long-term psychotherapy offers the client a safe environment in which they can tell their story, at their own pace.


We use a non-directive, non-judgmental approach, working towards empowering the client to make choices and take responsibility for their future.

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If you decide to report, you may need to attend court. The Athlone (Midland) Rape Crisis Centre can arrange for someone to accompany you through this process, to provide support.

We offer an Outreach service by appointment in Longford and Mullingar. We also provide an Education service, where we talks to schools and other groups on request. 

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