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About Us

The Athlone (Midland) Rape Crisis Centre is a voluntary organisation which was established in 1993 and officially opened in 1995 by the then President, Mary Robinson.

We provide a free professional counselling service to both males and females who have experienced rape, sexual abuse, or any other form of sexual violence.

Our Objectives


To provide a free professional counselling service to survivors of rape, sexual abuse and any other form of sexual violence.


To provide support for the family members of people whose lives have been affected by rape, sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence.


To provide information and support with the legal and medical processes involved with the aftermath of rape and sexual abuse.


To promote and increase public awareness on to the nature and extent of the problem of sexual abuse in our community.


All counselling is provided by professionally accredited and experienced therapists in line with best practice and HSE requirements. Appointments can be made personally by ringing the free phone number 1800 306 600 or by referral from professionals, friends or other family members.


Unfortunately, we cannot operate a ‘drop-in' service and people are seen by appointment only.  We specialise in crisis intervention and counselling for people who have been traumatised


What you can do

  • If someone tells you that they have been raped or sexually abused, listen to them and support them in whatever they choose to do; do not do anything that has the potential to further disempower the person.

  • Let them know that you believe them and will support them with whatever they choose to do;

  • If you are helping someone who has been sexually abused, and feel that you would benefit from counselling or support please do not hesitate to call us. Be aware that supporting someone who has been through a traumatic experience can be very demanding.

  • If you suspect or know that a child is being sexually abused, immediately report it to the Director of Community Care in your HSE area.

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